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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Hello friends, I am back home in Minnesota. I arrived 3 days ago. As I write, I am sitting in my family’s porch, enjoying the view of the lake. It’s a sunny, hot morning. I can hear the bees flying about, foraging for pollen and nectar. The birds are chirping and the red-wing-black-birds are squawking. I can also hear crickets and frogs. These are the benefits of living next to a marsh… Read More

Hello friends, I’m finally here. I’m in Ireland. This country is my family’s homeland. My heritage is from county Cork. Today I’ll be going to countryside, to see the rolling green hills. But before i tell you that, let me tell you my Dublin experience, eh? We arrived by ferry to Dublin’s port. The ferry was the nicest ship I’ve ever been on, it was almost like a floating hotel. I was… Read More

Molly is in London! Hello friends, as I type, I am on a train to Holyhead port, England. From Holyhead, I will take a ferry to Ireland, which is my final country to visit. Wow, my trip is almost done. Well, let’s talk about my jolly ‘ole time in England! We arrived in London by a very fast train that took the Chunnel (a railway tunnel that goes under the English Channel)…. Read More

Hello friends, it is Molly in Paris! I have been here for 4 days and I have had quite the French experience. I ate oodles of cheese, bread, chocolate, and other French things. We are staying in an apartment on the Left Bank of Paris, which is known for its philosophical thinkers, such as Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, etc. These men and women would sit in cafes, drink coffee, and think… Read More

This is Alice Schalek and she is a badass. She was the only female military correspondent during WW1. Hello friends, here I am on my last night in Vienna. I am lounging on the couch/bed, listening to someone play guitar outside my window. Every evening there has been a different musician who performs in a cafe below our window. Last night, the performer was a Spanish woman with a very rough voice…. Read More

Here’s my sexy pose with Prague/Prague Castle behind me. Hello friends! I made it to the Czech Republic and I have spent 3 days in Prague and 1 day in Kutna Hora. I must say (I think I say this every time) that Prague is a beautiful city, especially at dusk. All the roofs are tiled in orange and many of the buildings are still in their original form. Walking around the… Read More