Molly's Journey to the West


Hello friends, It’s almost spring in Minneapolis. Though it is supposed to snow today, I’ve seen geese flying overhead and I spotted my first robin this weekend. I’d like to think that the migratory birds are a pretty good indicator that winter is coming to an end. As always, I’ve been enjoying my time in Minneapolis. Most recently, I’ve gotten the ole bike out and have gone on some pretty long rides…. Read More

An old train-car bridge just South of Franklin Ave bridge. There is a pleasant walk called the Winchell Trail that runs parallel to West River Parkway. This beach is at the end of the trail. Hello friends, it’s a rainy Spring day here in Minneapolis. This early evening, I took a long walk along the bicycle greenway and am happy to say that the leaves have finally arrived. My old forest biology… Read More

Hitsujiya Cafe. My workplace. Hello friends, As I type, I am comfy-cozy in my tatami floor futon. It’s been rather nippy, so I have my room heater on (or as my friend Sam would call it, the At Home Atomic Bomb! Since, it is run by kerosine and flames.) I also have 4 blankets on top of me. Brrrr… I am lucky enough to work at 12:30 today, so I get to… Read More