Coco Canary

Twin City native, Molly O’Connor, and Chicago native, Matthew (Hope) Gogola, are the heart and soul of the up-and-coming indie band, Coco Canary. The duo combines tender vocals and elegant acoustic guitar and has been described as a combination of Joni Mitchell and Mazzy Star. Coco Canary began in December 2017 in an apartment in South Minneapolis during a serendipitous jam session. Matthew and Molly have been connecting through songwriting to express trauma, love lost, and hope ever since. Coco Canary is in the process of recording their first EP and has performed at cafes, bookstores, puppet shows, living rooms, and outdoor venues.

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Black Tea Nights

Black Tea Nights is about living in the city and how one spends their time during those lonely evenings.

Leave the Life You Know

Leave the Life You Know tells a bittersweet tale about the difficulties of leaving home.

Coco Canary - Seward Cafe.JPG

Coco Canary opening for Papa Blue & the Fistbump Congress at the Seward Cafe

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