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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Japanese Alps and Azumino. Hello again, It is Saturday March 30th and it is my last full day in Azumino. I really like it here. I have made many friends who I will miss very much (Hiroshi, Kinu-San, Miyako-San, Tomoe-San, Muki-San, Erica, and many more). But, I’m on an adventure. I am here to see the world, which means I must depart to find other great places and meet other equally… Read More

Hitsujiya Cafe. My workplace. Hello friends, As I type, I am comfy-cozy in my tatami floor futon. It’s been rather nippy, so I have my room heater on (or as my friend Sam would call it, the At Home Atomic Bomb! Since, it is run by kerosine and flames.) I also have 4 blankets on top of me. Brrrr… I am lucky enough to work at 12:30 today, so I get to… Read More

Azumino (the view from my window) Howdy friends, I hope you all have recovered after Saint Patrick’s day. I spied on some of your Facebook statuses and it sounds like lots of you had a great time. I’m glad. I spent my evening with my host family. Instead of beer and fish and chips, I ate fried squid with seaweed, boiled tofu, rice, and cucumber with salty fish. I am very lucky… Read More

I found Fuji-san! So, where was I? Oh, yes, I was talking about Oshima. So, we drove around and found ourselves back at the guesthouse. There were some new guests there, one being Yumiko. She was very kind and let me practice Japanese with her. She also helped me figure out how to get to Kyoto from Tokyo for the cheapest price. It’s only been a week, but I’m slowly but surely… Read More

Hello friends, my goal today is to get up to date on my blog. I have been trying to catch up and now I am so close! So, here I go! As I have told you, I am on the island called Oshima. It is SE of Tokyo by about 5 hours by ferry. Anne and I took the ferry Sunday evening and slept in the cheapest area, the tatami floor. I… Read More

Hello with a Japanese peace sign! This is me in the Tsukigi Fish Market. As I type, I am staying in an old fashioned Japanese household. I am sitting on a cushion upon a tatami floor, using a computer on a short table. I hear birds chirping and I see Japanese artwork on the walls. It is all so… Japanese. All the manga I read throughout middle school is coming back to me. The sliding doorways,… Read More

Lugu Lake – The land of the Mosuo People The reason Colleen and I were heading towards Lugu is because Colleen’s Fulbright research is about the Mosuo people. She is studying the affects of tourism on minority groups, focusing mostly of the Mosuo. Knowing this, from Lijiang, we took a 7 hour bus to this beautiful part of Yunnan. We got into Lugu by the afternoon and we were told it only… Read More

Hello friends, I made it all the way from Kunming to Tokyo in one piece! I’ve been in Tokyo for 3 days and now I am traveling with a very nice French girl named Anne. We decided to visit an island called Oshima Island off the West coast of Honshu. I’ll let you know more about my Japan travels in a moment, first I must finish my tales of China. Shangri-La –… Read More

Alrighty, here is the second installment of my hike at Tiger Leaping Gorge. Colleen and I had decided the day before to take an extra day on the gorge. So, we slept in, ate some breakfast, and headed off towards our next destination, Halfway Guesthouse. We only had 2-3 hours of hiking for the day, so we took it nice and easy. On our way there we crossed paths with a Chinese… Read More

Hello friends, I just said goodbye to my twin sista this morning. She is a very exceptional individual who is apart of an organization called The Fulbright. Pretty much, it means she’s very smart and dedicated to do research in China for 1.5 years. She (and all the other China Fulbrights) were invited to a conference in Taipei, Taiwan. So, she is off with her friends to hear about all the great things… Read More