Molly's Journey to the West


Alrighty, here is the second installment of my hike at Tiger Leaping Gorge. Colleen and I had decided the day before to take an extra day on the gorge. So, we slept in, ate some breakfast, and headed off towards our next destination, Halfway Guesthouse. We only had 2-3 hours of hiking for the day, so we took it nice and easy. On our way there we crossed paths with a Chinese… Read More

Hello friends, I just said goodbye to my twin sista this morning. She is a very exceptional individual who is apart of an organization called The Fulbright. Pretty much, it means she’s very smart and dedicated to do research in China for 1.5 years. She (and all the other China¬†Fulbrights) were invited to a conference in Taipei, Taiwan. So, she is off with her friends to hear about all the great things… Read More