Hello, my name is Molly O’Connor.

I am a writer, a filmmaker, and an adventurer. I have a background in biology (ecology, specifically), which is why I have a deep appreciation for nature. I also love the people I meet from day-to-day life; baristas, backpackers, roommates, travelers, you name it. It’s the people I meet who help me grow and the nature I seek which keeps me grounded.

I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and exploring new places. Born and raised in Minnesota, I have a fondness for my frigid winters and muggy summers. Often, I feel compelled to travel, to experience a new place, and to meet new people. Though, I always find myself back in Minneapolis, bicycling on its world-renowned Greenway and hiking along the Mississippi River.

When I first started this blog, I was traveling around the world. From February 2013 to August 2013, I wrote about my travels in China, Japan, Mongolia, Siberia, and Europe. All I had with me was my 60L backpack, 18L REI flash bag, and a video camera.

I backpacked in the Himalayas, lived among a Chinese minority called the MosuoWWOOFed in Japan, studied in a Japanese Zen temple, went to the Gobibackpacked in the Mongolian wilderness, spent a month living in a yurt (ger) in the Mongolian countryside, took the Trans-Siberian Railway to Moscow, and then hopped from city to city in Europe. Those are only the highlights, a lot happened in between as well.

I also made a few films documenting different parts of my travels.

Though I may not be traveling abroad as often, there is still so much to see in the USA. In this blog, I’ll continue to write about my local adventures in Minneapolis, as well as the trips I take all over the world.

So, please sit down, brew some tea, and read a few blog posts. I bet you’ll enjoy them.

Much love,


To learn more about what Molly does professionally, please visit her work webpage: Coco Canary Consulting, LLC.

Photo from My First Chinese New Year post in 2013

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