Molly's Journey to the West


Hello friends, sorry for the hiatus. I have been very busy with the holidays and moving into my new house. Better late than never, so I wish you all a be-lated Happy New Year! Christmas for the O’Connor family was a hoot. We hosted a friend of my sister’s from China. Her name is Mengnan and we did everything in our power to make her first-ever Christmas unforgettable. We cooked lots of… Read More

In my last post, I said I’d bake a mixed berry pie. Well, I did! (My friend Julia is to the left) Hello friends, it’s Molly and this is my first post since my 7 month trip. If you read my last post, I mentioned I would still use this blog for my adventures in the USA. So, lets start! All is well in the Midwest, well I guess except for the… Read More

Hello friends, I am back home in Minnesota. I arrived 3 days ago. As I write, I am sitting in my family’s porch, enjoying the view of the lake. It’s a sunny, hot morning. I can hear the bees flying about, foraging for pollen and nectar. The birds are chirping and the red-wing-black-birds are squawking. I can also hear crickets and frogs. These are the benefits of living next to a marsh… Read More

Heath got a package from his Grandma. Look how happy he is with that can of peaches! Hello friends, I know it has been awhile. I have been traveling all around Mongolia for the last 3 weeks and I finally am in a place with reliable internet. I am in Sukhbaatar, which is in the SE part of Mongolia. As I type, I am sitting in Heath’s ger, listening to the pitter-patter… Read More

Hello friends, as I type I am lounging on a comfy couch with my couchsurfing host, Alex. Alex is a post peace corps volunteer and now she works at the American University of Mongolia as an English teacher. I will stay in her studio apartment until early next week, where then I will meet with my college buddy, Heath, and we will travel together! I am very lucky to have Heath as… Read More

In Mongolian Buddhism, there’s are many ways to wish for good luck. Here is one way. You spin this large spinner clockwise either once or three times. If done correctly, Buddha will smile upon you. Hello everyone, it has been a while since you last heard from me. I think the last thing I told you was that I was on my way to Mongolia. Well, I am here! I’ve been in… Read More