Molly's Journey to the West


Hello friends, as I type I am lounging on a comfy couch with my couchsurfing host, Alex. Alex is a post peace corps volunteer and now she works at the American University of Mongolia as an English teacher. I will stay in her studio apartment until early next week, where then I will meet with my college buddy, Heath, and we will travel together! I am very lucky to have Heath as… Read More

Welcome to the Mongolian countryside. Hello Everyone, I am SO happy to hear that gay marriage will be legal in Minnesota! Minnesota will be the 12th state to pass this bill. Huzzah! All my good vibes today go to my gay Minnesotan brothers and sisters who can now marry the person they love. <3 So, now back to me. As I said before, I have been in Mongolia for 2 weeks now…. Read More