Molly's Journey to the West


Azumino (the view from my window) Howdy friends, I hope you all have recovered after Saint Patrick’s day. I spied on some of your Facebook statuses and it sounds like lots of you had a great time. I’m glad. I spent my evening with my host family. Instead of beer and fish and chips, I ate fried squid with seaweed, boiled tofu, rice, and cucumber with salty fish. I am very lucky… Read More

I found Fuji-san! So, where was I? Oh, yes, I was talking about Oshima. So, we drove around and found ourselves back at the guesthouse. There were some new guests there, one being Yumiko. She was very kind and let me practice Japanese with her. She also helped me figure out how to get to Kyoto from Tokyo for the cheapest price. It’s only been a week, but I’m slowly but surely… Read More

Hello with a Japanese peace sign! This is me in the Tsukigi Fish Market. As I type, I am staying in an old fashioned Japanese household. I am sitting on a cushion upon a tatami floor, using a computer on a short table. I hear birds chirping and I see Japanese artwork on the walls. It is all so… Japanese. All the manga I read throughout middle school is coming back to me. The sliding doorways,… Read More

Hello all! Colleen and I were without internet for 2 weeks, which is why you have not heard from me. We travelled all around Northeastern Yunnan (and even a bit of Sichuan). We went to Dali, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Sangrila, Lugu Lake, and Le Jasuwae (a small Mosuo minority village). I have decided I will dedicate a blog post to each place I visited (except Lijiang because we only spent 1/4… Read More

Well, here I am writing my last post in the U.S. Yep, that’s right. On Sunday morning (tomorrow) I’ll be flying to Chicago, then to Shanghai, and then to Kunming! At my final destination, Colleen will welcome me with open arms at the airport. We chatted last night and I am already excited for our first adventure to Tiger Leaping Gorge (Hutiao Gorge)! I’ve been preparing for the last 5 months and… Read More

Hey Everyone, Molly here. This will be where you’ll find my stories, photos, and videos of my trip! I’m sure some of you don’t know where or what I am doing, so here is a quick run down. I’ll be flying to China this Sunday morning to spend 1 month with my twin sister, Colleen, in the Yunnan Province. She is on break for the Spring Festival, so we’re going on a… Read More