Molly’s Two Week Trip to California Part 1: San Francisco

It’s almost Christmas! Here is Colleen decorating the tree.

Hello friends, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. My sister and I cooked dinner for our family, except for my Mom’s Uncle Ben’s Rice. It had been 5 years since I shared Thanksgiving with my twin sister, and for that, I am grateful.

I’ve been pretty busy since mid-November. I told you all in my last blog that I was heading to San Francisco, CA for my older sisters wedding. After SF, I would also join my twin sister to Los Angeles. I won’t burden you with all the details, but in this post I’ll mention some highlights from my time in SF!

20131209-100723.jpg SF at sunset.

My family arrived a few days early, so we could help my sister, Meghan, prepare for the ceremony. Another reason for getting there early was so my twin sister, Colleen, and I could attend the bachelorette party! It was held in a hip night club that hosts burlesque shows. If you don’t know what burlesque is, I guess I would say it is a mix between classy stripping and theatrical performing. Women use feathers and fabric to cover themselves and then they tease the audience by taking articles of clothing off one-by-one, but they cover themselves with their prop (huge feather fan, for example). I enjoyed my time and the best part was that the performers were all shapes and sizes. If you have the chance to attend a burlesque show, I’d recommend it. It will be an experience that you’ll never forget.

While in the city, Colleen and I spent a day bicycling around town. We biked to the Golden Gate Bridge, down the Embarcadero, up into China town, and through the financial district. On another day, we went to Japan town. I was very excited to eat good Japanese food and let’s not forget to mention that the zen temple, Sokoji, was in the area too. During my time in Japan town, it felt good to eat delicious sushi and to say hi to Buddha in a Hondo again. I would say this area is a must-see for any travelers coming through San Francisco. Something else I did that related to Japan was my reunion with my friend, Akiyo (I call her A-chan). I met her in Japan, but specifically at Tokurinji. She lives in Oakland, so she was only a BART ride away. She invited me to her home and as I walked through the door, it felt like I was in Japan again. Her walls were full of Japanese art, her shelves had Japanese books and pottery on them, and her doorways had fabric separators. During my stay, A-chan served me tea and we talked about our friends from Tokurinji. It felt great to reminisce about Japan.

20131209-101455.jpg Me posing in front of the Hondo of Sokoji Temple.

20131209-101531.jpg Japan Town.

20131209-102438.jpg Hey look, Alcatraz!

And of course, the wedding was unforgettable. Meghan and her now husband, Kevin, decided to rent out a ranch in wine country. They invited all of their friends and made their wedding a whole weekend event. People stayed in cabins and spent their free time hiking on the nearby trails or enjoying the sunny weather. On the first night, there was a talent show. There was acrobatics, improv comedy, a family musical performance, a rap, and much more! My twin sister and I wrote and sang a song. I played the ukulele and sang the chorus, while Colleen told embarrassing stories about Meghan in rhythm. That was so much fun!

The second day was the wedding ceremony. Colleen and I were bridesmaids, so we hung out with Meghan while getting our hair and make-up done. (For anyone who knows me, they would know that this is a big deal. I never wear make-up.) Throughout the day, I couldn’t stop looking at Meghan because she looked so beautiful. She had flowers in her hair, her hair was in perfect curls, and her dress fit her perfectly. She also couldn’t stop smiling. Eventually, after lots of photos, the ceremony began. I played Somewhere Over the Rainbow when Meghan and my Mom and Dad were walking up the aisle. And, well, I guess the rest of the wedding went like a dream. Oh, what a night.

20131209-103843.jpg My sister, my brother, and a friend hiking nearby the wedding grounds.

20131209-103915.jpg Meghan in her dress.


Me playing baritone ukulele during the wedding ceremony. Photo thanks to Pim Robert

As you can see, my trip to SF was oodles of fun. So much more happened, but maybe we’ll chat about it over coffee sometime.

Thanks for reading. I’ll write about my adventures in LA soon. Here’s a sneak peak.Why is Molly in a plane?! Read my next blog to find out!

Much love,

Here’s me in Muir Woods. I hiked it with my twin sister and my two older brothers.

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