Presenting About My Road Trip at Midwest Mountaineering’s Winter Outdoor Expo 2015

Hello friends,

If you live in Minneapolis or do not live too far away, then please feel free to join me at Midwest Mountaineering’s Winter Outdoor Expo this upcoming weekend! If you don’t know what the outdoor expo is, then I’ll give you a brief summary. Twice a year, Midwest Mountaineering (an outdoor retail store in downtown Minneapolis) hosts an outdoor expo, where they invite hundreds of exhibitors and host over a hundred presentations. There are also sales all week, so if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to buy those warm wool socks, then this is your chance. I think the best night is Friday night. It’s the Beer and Gear Social. It’s a great opportunity to meet other outdoor enthusiasts, drink good local beer, and to win prizes from gathering raffle tickets at exhibitor tables. The store also hosts the Best of the Banff Film Festival World Tour. There are showings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening.

Midwest Mountaineering

My MWM coffee cup (won from a previous expo)

I’ll be working all weekend in Thrifty Outfitters, so feel free to say hello. I’m also presenting about my two-month trip on the West Coast, mostly focusing on my 2.5-week national park road trip with my brother. This is what the outdoor expo newspapers says about my presentation, “In past expos, Molly has presented about travels in Mongolia and Japan. This last summer, Molly traveled for two months to experience as many national parks as possible.  In this presentation, she will show photos from her trip, tell stories about using and, talk about traveling on a budget, and share a short film documenting her road trip across the Southwestern USA.”

The presentation will be at Midwest Mountaineering’s Expedition Stage (basement of the store) starting at 10:30am on Sunday November 22nd.

Feel free to come and invite your friends.

Much love,


P.S. I attended a donut frying party on Sunday. I want to make this an annual thing for the rest of my life…
Before the frying...

The donuts before being placed in boiling hot oily goodness.

Frying donuts

Almost done…

Powdered, cinnamon, and plain donuts

We made powdered, plain, and cinnamon donuts….yum.

Custard donuts!

Even custard donuts!!

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