Molly's Journey to the West


Hello friends, Long-time no blog post! A LOT has happened since I last wrote about Madeline Island. Let me update you with a few¬†BIG life updates. IT’S OFFICIAL, I AM A MASTER OF SCIENCE After two years of taking classes, conducting research, and writing tirelessly, I am officially a University of Minnesota master’s graduate. If you didn’t know, I was in the Natural Resource Science & Management (NRSM) Program studying Environmental Education… Read More

Hello friends, Below is a creative non-fiction I wrote pertaining to my experiences catching a criminal while working on the St. Croix River as a Graduate Research Assistant. Enjoy! ——————————- I first saw David on a Saturday afternoon in early August. At the time, I was working as a Graduate Research Assistant for the University of Minnesota. I was counting commercial and non-commercial boat users utilizing the Osceola Boat Landing and I… Read More