Holiday Fun and Illustrating a Children’s Book.

Makin’ Belgian waffles with my sistas. They were the best waffles I had ever made! (Photo by Colleen)

Hello friends,

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays went well. Mine sure did. I spent it with my family and friends, mostly eating tasty food and playing board games. As I mentioned in my last post, all of my family was in town. Mostly, it was great having some sister time. It had been over a year since we all were together (since Meghan’s wedding) and as you can see in the photo above, we took full advantage of it.

As always, for my active Minneapolis lifestyle, I’ve been playing frisbee every weekend and this weekend was the first time it had been below freezing (with windchill). The funny thing though? We had a big turn-out. I was surprised to see so many people bundled up in their balaclavas and 3 layers of pants, ready to play some good ole snow-ultimate! I’ve also been climbing at least once a week for the last 2-3 months and it feels good to see that I’m improving. And lastly, my brother and I dusted off our racquetball glasses and played a few rounds. Though it may be chilly in Minneapolis, there are always ways to stay active!


Hanging with my good friend, Sam. We’ve been friends since middle school and he was even my prom date. Aw. I visited him in Japan almost 2 years ago. (Photo by my Mom)

Sam and I in Japan (2013)

Us in Ise, visiting one of Japan’s most sacred towns (Spring 2013)

As for fun things I’ve done for the last month, here’s a few things. The months started off with my very first Ugly Sweater Party. My friend’s Rachel and Jessica hosted it and had a handful of people over for mudslides, a christmas sweater competition, and a white elephant exchange. It was a hoot-and-a-half! I’m happy to have friends who are always up for a good time.

Ugle Sweater Party

Preeeeeetty ugly, right? (Photo by Rachel)

I was also invited to a Chamber Jam. First, what is a Chamber Jam? Well, it is when a bunch of classically trained musicians get together to sight-read some music. For this jam, they played Brahm’s in B-flat. It was pretty funny watching as people entered the apartment with their instruments in tow and people yelling, “yay! The cello is here!,” or, “yes, finally we can play the 3rd movement; the second violin just arrived!” I’m mostly being silly in my quotations, I’m sure the chamber jam people would say otherwise, but you get the picture. Overall, it was a great getting a free concert, playing my clarinet a bit, and meeting some new people.


A Masquerade Party: The whole gang – Photo by Zina

Lastly, for New Years Eve, my friends hosted a Masquerade Party at their house. People dressed up in their best attire and wore their finest masks. It was fun seeing people’s outfits and playing Zina’s Ukranian party games! As for any New Years party with my sis, when the clock struck 12, Colleen was my first kiss (on the cheek!) of the year and I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. <3

As for 2015? I have a new project! I was asked to illustrate a children’s book. I can’t tell you too much about it (or maybe I can, but I want to double check with the author), but I’ll let you know that it is full of sage wisdom for children. ; )

Here’s a doodle I did that won’t be in the book, but it’s the same style I’ll be using.

It feels great to be using my skills in a creative way. I’ve been doodling in a sketchbook since I was a little girl, but I never thought I could make money from it. And who knows if I will? Maybe the book will be a flop? (I sure hope not!). Either way, I’m going to have fun creating these images and pushing myself to draw new and interesting things. I’ll be updating you all on my progress through the next couple months. I’m planning on being done by April.

As for the near future? Next week, I’m flying to San Francisco to visit my older sister. My twin sister is also flying over to join me on a backpacking trip. I’m hoping to do Big Sur, but we’ll see what the temperature looks like! There is a bunch of hiking options nearby, so I’m sure we’ll figure out sometime. Either way, I’ve been stationary for far too long and am in need of some adventure!

Well, that’s my life as of now. Hopefully in my next post, I’ll be telling you all about the fun I had in California.

Till then,


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