San Francisco: Bikes, Improv Comedy, and Seeing Old Friends

Hello friends,

I am writing from San Francisco! As I type, the sun is shining, the window is open, and I can hear the sound of Telegraph Hill’s wild parrots flying overhead. When I come back to SF after a long hiatus, these are just some of the things that remind why I love this city.

1. The weather is pleasant. Rain or shine, I enjoy the sweater weather, especially compared to Minnesota’s very hot summers or frigid winters.

2. The food is so good! Dim sum in Chinatown is a must. Tacos or pizza in The Mission is delicious. Or brunch at the several cute cafés/diners that are strewn about the city are a great morning chill-out spot.
(bottomless mimosas are also a thing-if that’s what you’re into)

3. Also, my awesome sister lives here. As always, she graciously offers me her couch and let’s me borrow her bicycle!

2015/01/img_2298.jpgThis is my sister’s bike. It’s a Fuji. I love it. <3

For my first week here, I spent it bicycling around town, visiting my friend’s cafe (called farm:table) in the Tender-Nob, and making food with new and old friends. Also, some of my old high school and college friends have moved to the Bay Area. I decided to reach out and met up with some of them this week. My friend Chad (who now works at Tesla) and I reminisced about high school. My friend Jack (who now works for Apple) and I chatted about our old improv team and our families. And my friend Lisa drove up and spent 2 days with me exploring the city. It was great to catch up with all of them. <3

I’ve also been going to my sister Meghan’s theater shows. She’s involved in the San Francisco theater scene and is associated with a few groups. She’s the artistic director for Theater Pub, which is an organization that performs at pubs/bars, so to make theater more accessible to the general public. We went to one of their shows at a new bar called Piano Fight. They performed a nerdy romantic-comedy play about a satyr (a mythical creature that is half man, half goat) that can’t find a lady and a nymph who can’t find a mate. It was great drinking cider, eating pizza, and watching a funny play in a comfortable bar.

Chinese Ballroom

She’s also apart of the improv group called Chinese Ballroom. We watched a rehearsal of theirs the other night and laughed the whole time! They’ve been rehearsing more often lately because they’re prepping for their show at SketchFest, which’ll be on Feb 5th and 7th starting at 8pm at the Brava Theater. If you’re around, you should totally check it out! Here’s a short clip of them for SketchFest!

She’s also a sketch writer for a group called Killing My Lobster, which will also be performing at SketchFest. Overall, my sister is pretty darn cool and if you’re in San Francisco at all for the next 2 weeks, you gotta go to at least one SketchFest show! It goes till February 8th.

I’m actually on my way out to watch them rehearse one more time. But, in my next post, I’ll tell you all about my hiking adventures at Point Reyes National Seashore with my twin sister and a fellow couchsurfer.

Till then,


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