Molly's Journey to the West


So, Portland… Hello friends, I hope all of you are well. I am back in Minneapolis and enjoying myself. One of the first things I did when I got back into town was watch the Minneapolis River Rats Water Ski Team perform a Star Wars show on the Mississippi. I had never seen a ski show before and was surprised at how brave the water skiers were. The Star Wars puns were… Read More

Hello friends, Summer is in full swing and you know why? Because Movie-in-the-Park is back and there are 122 outdoor movies to go to! THRILLIST compiled a convenient list of all the showings; here’s the link. There is also Music-in-the-park happening all over the city and it feels like its happening everyday. Just two days ago, I was bicycling with my roommate and we found a concert near the Stone Arch Bridge…. Read More

A path within the Mazomani Trail at the Louisville Swamp Hello friends, The coolness of Spring is ending and the hot, muggy days of Summer are just beginning here in Minneapolis. Also, Happy late-Memorial Day, I hope you all took advantage of the long weekend. I had to work on one of the days, so I took full advantage of the other two. The first day, I bought flowers, biked to Lakewood… Read More

I went hiking at Fort Snelling State Park. Such a pretty place. Hello friends, Here in Minnesota, the ice is melting and I think winter is finally near its end. People are leaving their homes to enjoy the day, which means Minneapolis will feel like a lively city again. I look forward to seeing people flood the bicycle greenways and working on their gardens this upcoming Spring. As you may know (if… Read More

The¬†Minneapolis cityscape from the UoM campus. Hello friends, I hope all is well. I haven’t done too much traveling this month, but I’ve kept busy by delving into my other hobbies. Mostly, i have been bicycling and playing ultimate frisbee. I also found a job! I’ll be a Recreation Specialist for Minneapolis Park and Rec. I’m happy to have a job, especially one where I can play with children. Other than that,… Read More

In my last post, I said I’d bake a mixed berry pie. Well, I did! (My friend Julia is to the left) Hello friends, it’s Molly and this is my first post since my 7 month trip. If you read my last post, I mentioned I would still use this blog for my adventures in the USA. So, lets start! All is well in the Midwest, well I guess except for the… Read More

Hello friends, my goal today is to get up to date on my blog. I have been trying to catch up and now I am so close! So, here I go! As I have told you, I am on the island called Oshima. It is SE of Tokyo by about 5 hours by ferry. Anne and I took the ferry Sunday evening and slept in the cheapest area, the tatami floor. I… Read More

Hello friends, I just said goodbye to my twin sista this morning. She is a very exceptional individual who is apart of an organization called The Fulbright. Pretty much, it means she’s very smart and dedicated to do research in China for 1.5 years. She (and all the other China¬†Fulbrights) were invited to a conference in Taipei, Taiwan. So, she is off with her friends to hear about all the great things… Read More